Reduce fine lines, sun damage and pore size while improving skin texture with no real downtime.

A CO2 laser treatment just became a lot cooler.

The Tetra CO2 is the only technology that can perform a Cool-Peel because of the unique pulse control needed to get the desired ablative treatment without any thermal damage to the surrounding tissue. It is a highly-controlled system that delivers impressive, skin-renewing results.
cool peel

There are many benefits that CoolPeel treatments can provide including:

  • Diminish uneven skin texture
  • Improve skin tone
  • Soften aging signs
  • Remove damage
  • Eliminate dark spots
  • Diminish age spots

And more!
cool peel

What to Expect?

Treatments are performed without the use of anesthesia. During the process, the CoolPeel SmartXide Tetra CO2 Laser delivers a controlled output of high energy in extremely short pulses to the targeted treatment area. The laser can be adjusted based on skin type.

The energy works to eliminate damage while providing impressive, skin-rejuvenating results. This is all performed without the production of lingering heat that would traditionally cause tissue damage. Without the excessive heat, the treatment is much cooler, hence CoolPeel.

The process is comfortable and it typically takes about 5-15 minutes to complete the entire face.

Cool Peel

Single Treatment $695
Package of (3) Treatments $1800

CO2 Mild Fractional Ablation

Up to 5 days downtime

before cool peel
after cool peel