Treat yourself and experience a salt soak to drain away toxins and soften dry, rough skin, an exfoliating sugar scrub, a luxurious foot & leg massage complete with warm aromatic towel compresses, and rich, soothing creams and oils to seal in hydration.


Séchoir Nails is dedicated to providing a comfortable environment for you to relax. Our luxury spa and skilled nail techniques will present an unforgettable experience. We use the best products ensuring you will leave with a great nail style that withstands day to day life. At Séchoir, we make it a point to provide high quality and a friendly environment that is always welcoming. It’s time to escape reality and to let us pamper you in a moment of relaxation.



A manicure is a great way to take care of your nails and cuticles without the hassle of doing it yourself, plus the added bonus of escaping the busy household and having some quality me-time. Who doesn’t love to get pampered every once in a while with a pop of color on your nails and heading to a nail salon for some Relaxation? But do you know why a Russian manicure needs to be your next nail appointment? You have to keep reading to know the importance of this unique type of nail care!

What makes a Russian manicure so unique?
A Russian manicure is an advanced technique that uses an electronic file to remove the excess skin surrounding your nail bed. It avoids cutting the nail too aggressively and allows the nail technician to be more in control, compared to when using nippers. This leaves your nails perfectly trimmed and smooth around the edges, resulting in a very clean finished look.


Russian Pedicure
Balance your feet and relax from your soles up, as your feet and lower legs are soothed and stimulated by our russian pedicure. Includes an aromatic foot soak, reshaped nails, cuticle detail, buffing to a healthy shine, callus remover, and a scrub exfoliation. Your lower legs and feet are lavished with a creamy massage and finished with long lasting polish polish of your choice.

Spa Pedicure
Come experience an extended aromatic and nourishing whirlpool sea salt soak to drain away toxins and soften dry, rough skin, a nourishing custom-blended sugar scrub made with pure essential oil of lemongrass, a luxurious foot & leg massage complete with warm aromatic towel compresses, and a soft-collagen cream mask with moisturizing, therapeutic paraffin to seal in the hydrating benefits of the service – in addition to all the regular niceties of a Russian pedicure. Sure to leave a spring in your step and a twinkle on your toes!

Children 10 & Under
Services designed for children to help them feel and realize that they are unique and special. A day at our spa is a day your child will not soon forget.

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Top Master
5+ Years Experience

Russian Manicure // 50
Russian Gel Manicure // 70
Russian Rubber Manicure // 80
Polygel Overlay // 20
Polygel Full Set Short // 100
Polygel Full Set Medium // 115
Polygel Full Set Long // 1 30
Refill // 85

2+ Years Experience

Russian Manicure // 40
Russian Gel Manicure // 60
Russian Rubber Manicure // 70
Polygel Overlay // 20
Polygel Full Set Short // 85
Polygel Full Set Medium // 95
Polygel Full Set Long // 110
Refill // 75


Pedicure Services

Russian Pedicure // 60
Russian Gel Pedicure // 75
Spa Pedicure // 80
Spa Pedicure with Gel // 95

Add On Services

Gel or Polygel Removal // 20 +
French Design // 20
Nail Repair // 5
Nail Design // 5 +
Airbrush Design // 25
Chrome Design // 18
Shape Change // 15
Swarovski Stone // 5 +