What is Skinwave?

Skinwave provides cleansing, moisturization and antioxidant benefits in a 20-minute facial-like treatment. In addition to the extractions and solutions, unique handpieces round out the Skinwave experience; Electroporation temporarily opens pores to optimize solution penetration. And lastly, the contouring rollers relax facial muscles with massaging motions and assist with lymphatic drainage to counteract damage from daily external and internal impurities.

Benefits of Skinwave

Skinwave treatments improve your skin’s quality in many ways. Along with seeing a general improvement in your skin’s texture and a fresh new glow, you’ll enjoy:

  • Tighter skin
  • Facial muscle relaxation
  • Regulated oil production
  • Moisturization
  • Exfoliation
  • Cleaner skin

Is Skinwave Right For Me?

Skinwave is a gentle treatment that works on any skin type. You may be a good candidate for Skinwave if you find yourself doubling down on facial lotions and moisturizing products in search of a long-lasting solution to dryness and rough texture. To learn more about this new treatment, and to schedule your complimentary consultation, give Schoir a call today!

Package of (3) Treatments $525

FACE + NECK $215
Package of (3) Treatments $575

Package of (3) Treatments $650

Package of (3) Treatments $975


skinwave technology
skinwave technology