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Eyebrow Threading in Vienna

Supreme Eyebrow Threading

A Classic Technique for Modern Results

Your eyebrows make up a large part of your look. Their shape and size helps define your aesthetic and your emotional expression. But too often, they’re also the most neglected features on a person’s face.

At Séchoir, we believe a perfectly done brow acts as an instant eyelift. To achieve these fast, beautiful results, we offer eyebrow threading in Vienna, VA. Threading services are also available for the full face, including the upper lip, cheeks, and sideburns.

Benefits of Eyebrow Threading

Completely organic with no chemicals
No plucking or scraping required
Removes hair from the roots
Gentle, fast results

How Eyebrow Threading Works

Eyebrow threading involves a technique used in many cultures for millennia. It provides a chemical-free, wax-free, non-bladed process for shaping eyebrows.

Your Séchoir Beauty Bar technician will use two entwined organic cotton threads to wrap around each separate unwanted hair. Then in one fluid motion, the thread gently removes that entire hair—including the root—for long-lasting epilation results.

Your provider will discuss where you want to remove unwanted hair. Threading can be performed on:

  • Brows // $15-$20
  • Lip // $12
  • Chin // $12
  • Sideburns // $20
  • Forehead // $15
  • Neck // $15
  • Cheeks // $15
  • Full face // $55

Your skin will be hair free and smoother immediately.

For those seeking permanent hair reduction on the face & body, our sister company Dermestetics offers Laser Hair Removal.

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