Eyebrow Tinting

Eyebrow Tinting in Vienna VA

Eyebrow Tinting for Natural Results

Perfect Eyebrows Anytime & Every Time

It’s amazing the effect your eyebrows have on your aesthetic and expressions! Express yourself perfectly, with perfectly crafted brows from Séchoir Beauty Bar.

Eyebrow tinting stays in place without you having to lift a finger! That hint of tint can flaunt natural, fuller brows that give you  a more polished and put-together appeal.

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Benefits of Eyebrow Tinting in Vienna, VA

No gels, powders, or pencils
Wake up with perfect brows
Brows appear fuller and symmetrical
Smudge-proof color and definition


Eyebrow Tint / / $35

How Séchoir Brow Tinting Works

First, your Séchoir Beauty Bar provider will assess brow shape, hair color, and your aesthetic goals and skin sensitivities. With this information in hand, a tint color will be chosen.

After prepping your eyebrows, we apply a special dye. This tints the skin and the fine vellus hair in your brows.

You’ll leave with brows that beautifully accent your face.

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