Facial Waxing in Vienna VA

Facial Waxing for Smooth, Hairless Skin

Wax On, Facial Hair Off

Unwanted hair around your eyebrows, or on your chin, neck, or cheeks, can ruin the look you want, and negatively impact your confidence.

With Facial Waxing at Séchoir Beauty Bar, the wax goes on, the hair comes off! If you love a traditional eyebrow wax, we can create that perfect arch to frame your face and eyes for a youthful, sophisticated look.

The Benefits of Facial Waxing in Vienna, VA

Much faster than personal tweezing
Works on multiple treatment areas 
Removes larger hairs and wispy hairs
Provides exfoliation for smoother skin

The Séchoir Facial Waxing Process

First, your provider will discuss where you want to remove unwanted hair. Our Facial Waxing service can remove hair on:

  • Brows // $15
  • Lip // $12
  • Chin // $12
  • Sideburns // $20
  • Forehead // $15
  • Neck // $15
  • Cheeks // $15
  • Nostrils // $20
  • Ears // $20
  • Full face // $55

Then, specially designed and formulated wax strips will be used to remove both larger hairs and fine vellus hairs. Your skin will be hair free and smoother immediately.


For those seeking permanent hair reduction on the face & body, our sister company Dermestetics offers Laser Hair Removal.

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