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A Special Day for a Special Kid

It’s quality time you can share with your child, feeling like the world is your oyster. Our Kids Haircuts in Vienna can make you and your young one besties!

From haircuts to blowouts and more, sharing uniquely designed, kid-friendly Séchoir Salon services with your 12 and under child makes memories to last a lifetime.

Séchoir Kids Haircut Benefits

Sharing fun that makes memories
Building smiles and self confidence
Feeling like a Princess/Prince with great style

Children 12yo & Under

Haircuts and Blowouts
Young Ladies Blowout // $35+
Young Ladies Haircut + Blowout // $50+
Boys Haircut // $30

Color Bar For Boys and Girls
Partial Highlights // $80+
Full Highlights // $100+
Partial Balayage // $80+
Full Balayage // $100+
Fashion Color // Priced Upon Consultaion

Color Correction // Priced Upon Consultation


What to Expect

The exceptional service at Séchoir focuses on making your child feel important, unique, and beautiful.

Kids Salon services for those 12 and under can include:

  • Kids Haircuts
  • Kids Hair Highlights
  • Kids Hair Balayage
  • Kids Fashion Color
  • Young Ladies Hair Blowout
  • And more.

When you schedule your Kids Spa day with your child, we can discuss how to make the day truly special!

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