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When the Best Cure Is a Pedicure

Séchoir Beauty Bar pedicures in Vienna, VA, are like no other. Not only will your nails shine like new-found gems, the process relaxes you as you soak, buff, exfoliate, and rejuvenate—including foot and lower leg massages! Our providers specialize in the Russian Technique, a detailed technique that strictly focuses on your nail health by removing excess and dead skin around the nail bed, and especially emphasizing cuticle work. You will see and feel the difference right away.

Our Russian Pedicures and Spa Pedicures are the perfect way to add a spring in your step and a twinkle on your toes.


Why You'll Love Séchoir Pedicures

Aromatic and nourishing foot soak with callus removal
Reshaped nails with healthy shine
Moisturizing foot and calf massage

Pedicure Services

Russian Pedicure // $60
Russian Gel Pedicure // $75
Spa Pedicure // $80
Spa Pedicure with Gel // $95

What to Expect

Séchoir pedicure services rise above the average nail salon near you.

Our Russian Pedicure includes an aromatic foot soak, reshaped nails, cuticle detail, buffing to a healthy shine, callus remover, and scrub exfoliation.

Our Spa Pedicure builds on the Russian Pedicure with further aromatic and spa treatments for a most luxurious experience, including a mask and hot stones.

And don’t forget relaxing massage for your feet and calves!

Séchoir Beauty Bar

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